With over 20 combined years of medical content production experience, the team at Variant VR is well versed in the world of medical education.  Our team of in-house medical animators have created 3D educational materials for a wide variety of diseases, drugs and disorders.  That expertise is now being applied to virtual reality.

Large Scale Audiences

We have developed experiences designed for individual viewers as well as groups of 150+ people. We provide comprehensive training and instructional materials to ensure that your events go off without a hitch.  Additionally, we can provide on-site services for the setup and running of the experiences.

Medical and Legal Review

We understand that medical and legal review processes can be complex and time consuming, and that’s why we incorporate them into our workflows right from the start of your project.  We have the flexibility to quickly react to any changes that may arise from the review boards, and keep your project timelines on track.