One Stop Shop

We offer end to end VR video production services:

  • Pre-production/Planning
  • Storyboarding
  • Filming at resolutions up to 8k
  • Advanced video stitching
  • Full spatial audio capture and design
  • Custom application development

360 Production

Filming in 360 and 3D presents challenges to traditional planning and design. Special considerations like hiding lighting/equipment, choosing talent that can interact properly with the viewer, and directing the viewer’s attention can complicate workflows. Our experience helps to mitigate potential production delays and setbacks.

The Right Equipment

We shoot with several different VR cameras including the Nokia OZO and a rig with 14-GoPro cameras. Picture quality is very important in VR video, and because of that, we produce 360 degree 3D videos in up to 8k resolution to capture as much detail as possible.

VR Audio

When it comes to directing audience attention, audio is one of the most important tools available in VR. We use a specialized audio pipeline to deliver full spatial sound that helps the users to not only feel fully immersed in the experience, but to focus their attention on the important aspects of a scene.